Introducing Andante

The Andante offers the elegance and convenience for your indulgence. Not satisfied with just that, we have added some Intelligence to it.

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The Classic

Our original model is timeless elegance. Enjoy a glass and a warm welcome at your bartop or kitchen counter, fuss-free.

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Which SANTUS™ is for you?


14 days of wine preservation

Oxygen absorber method


Separated chiller (lowest 7°C)

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Smart features available

Available worldwide

Weighs 1.21kg

Fits Burgundy bottles (310mm)

USD 530

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14 days of wine preservation

Argon gas method

Not portable

Integrated chiller (lowest 12°C)

DC powered

No Smart features

Available Singapore & China

Weighs 2.2kg

Fits Bordeaux bottles (300mm)

USD 730

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