We love wine.
When we want it.

And we are tired of having to compromise the whole bottle when we only need a glass or two.

More than just its utility, SANTUS™ is a lifestyle that is easy to use and makes a statement both at home or your work community.

And our name?

SANTUS™ comes from a Latin word meaning “freshness”.

The "U"-shaped logo represents the perfect blend: you the wine-lover, a glass of wine, and an upside-down bottle of wine.

Together they reflect our commitment to delivering a perfect fresh-from-the-bottle glass of wine at your next or subsequent pour.

Besides the home, SANTUS™ can add sophistication and innovation to your business, increasing your level of service and return on investment

Hotel & Service Apartments

To enhance service offerings to your customers and tenants

Co-working Spaces

Where we provide wine by glass with the scan of a QR code

Property Developers

An indispensable addition to stylishness to your properties

Corporate Gifting

A gift for your VIP customers that will certainly make them smile

Airlines & Banks

For customers' programs, lounges and miles exchange

Restaurants & Clubs

Better wines can be sold by the glass, providing better customer service

Our business partners include

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