Savour, Every, Sip.

We are tired of having to compromise the whole bottle when we only need a glass or two.

We love wine. When we want it.

More than just its utility, SANTUS™ is a lifestyle that is easy to use and makes a statement both at home or your work community.

And our name?

SANTUS™ comes from a Latin word meaning “freshness”.

The "U"-shaped logo represents the perfect blend: you the wine-lover, a glass of wine, and an upside-down bottle of wine.

Together they reflect our commitment to deliver a perfect fresh-from-the-bottle glass of wine at your next or subsequent pour.

Designed with you in mind

SANTUS™ is designed to give you the ability to enjoy wine in more than ways than before. And in style, no less.

Generation 1

Year 2019

Generation 2

Year 2020

Generation 3

Year 2021

Our commitment to reducing waste

Over 600 million bottles of wine are poured down the sink every year in UK alone because of glasses that have not been finished, bottles left in the fridge too long, or improper methods of wine preservation. By using more sustainable materials and reducing waste, we hope to contribute positively to the community be allowing you to do more with less.

SANTUS™ for Business

Besides the home, SANTUS™ can add sophistication and innovation to your business, increasing your level of service and return on investment.

Contact us for volume purchase at

Hotel & Service Apartments

To enhance service offerings to your customers and tenants

Property Developers

An indispensable addition to stylishness to your properties

Corporate Gifting

A gift for your VIP customers that will certainly make them smile

Airlines & Banks

For customers' programs, lounges and miles exchange

Restaurants & Clubs

Better wines can be sold by the glass, providing better customer service

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