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Shop from the twin gems of French wine, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Collection: French Wines By Santus

Wine drinkers find a way to experience Joie De Vivre whatever the occasion. With our wine partner Grand Cru, we have shortlisted some outstanding French wines from the twin gems of French wine, Bordeaux and Burgundy. 👑 With any purchase, earn points that you may redeem on your next purchase for all products on the Santus store. Click on the crown in the bottom left of this page to register. (terms apply)

From Burgundy we have Olivier Merlin, who has been making Cote D'Or quality White Burgundies in Macon.

Jules Desjourneys, purveyor of fine biodynamic wines nurtured by hand (no tractors!), yielding grand cru whites at accessible prices, and more.

Our Bordeaux selection includes Chateau Monlot, a parcel of land in St Emilion so picturesque that Chinese superstar Vicky Zhao purchased the property from owner Bernard Rivals, who confessed that he too bought it in 1990 as it stirred his soul.
We also have Le Chapelle de Pape Clement by the venerable Bernard Magrez, a titan of Bordeaux, and whose wines bear his signature richness.

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