Waiting for the perfect moment to open that bottle?

SANTUS™ preserves your opened bottle of wine for up to 14 days, giving you more time to enjoy it.

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Chill and preserve up to 14 days

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Andante’s iconic design is elegant whether in the kitchen, living room, restaurant, or corporate boardroom.

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Andante Uno and Uno Lite are available now with Andante Duo coming soon.

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Are you a wine enthusiast, someone looking to get started with wine appreciation or simply getting gift ideas.

Be it red wine or white wine, you’re probably asking yourself one thing by now: how an automatic wine dispenser can make your life as a wine lover taste better. Importantly, how to keep wine fresh after opening.

Follow us and you will discover your wine connection through our wine preservation system, which functions as your smart wine dispenser, wine chiller and wine preserver.